Susan Cowe Miller:Bio

Video: Susan Cowe Miller:Bio. My vision for Women 50+and membership to ‘Live the Life You Want Club’. Be confident, live dreams made for this stage of life.

If you are not a gut feel lady who knows intuitively that, YES, I am choosing to sign up now, then this little video can certainly be of help.

This is me. It’s who am.


But I am also including some testimonials.

Susan is kind, intuitive and a very professional practitioner, but also has a great deal of compassion and allows you to release your demons without feeling judged in any way. I would recommend Susan without hesitation.Matrix Reimprinting was key and empowered me to believe in myself and to move forward and leave my past issues and traumas where they belong – in the past. I am now a much happier and more confident person, able to enjoy my life without feelings of fear or guilt weighing me down.
I want to maintain this positive feeling and strong sense of self-worth and will continue to do EFT and tapping at home on a regular basis. I know that if I need further help I would return to Susan without hesitation.