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Live the Life You Want Club: Q&A

Live the Life You Want Club Founding Members Launch has 4 more days to run.
ENDS: Sunday 2nd August. Listen to Q&A .

My latest Post is a Video Q & A. Your questions answered sharing my offering to you in ‘Live the Life You Want Club‘and what I hope for our Community.

Live the Life You Want Club is for Women 50+ who feel that life is passing by. Stressed and anxious and wanting to embrace the plans and dreams made for this next stage of life.
But life is getting in the way!

Live the Life You Want Club Membership can help!

The Membership is a place for guidance, self-development, structure and sisterhood. It is also a place for support, but support that is clear in its mission.
It is a Community where you will move forward, release stressors and live a life more balanced and in flow. You are ready to

  • Clear stumbling blocks
  • Be keen, ready to do some work
  • Grow, listen and filter insight shared

I am always fascinated when I experience a light bulb moment. We too often become stuck in our own drama.

Are you aware if you are stuck in a never ending cycle of being unable to make little achievable change? Change to

  • Lighten the load
  • Help you to leap forward and do the stuff you have dreamed of
  • Just make life and all that’s happening that little bit easier and enjoyable.

I offer 10 years experience in helping clients to live and love life after big stress, big emotional challenges. My Club offers my expertise, the tools, techniques and my learnings which will help you shift a troubled Mindset.
I offer a Community where you can expect to feel emotionally stronger and physically healthier.

I am an EFT and Matrix ReImprinting practitioner and a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach. I am the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma.

I trust my members will share insight, their life learnings and we can come together as a Community of support and healing so that we move forward and place ourselves one step ahead.

You deserve to be one step ahead

I want my members to believe that they can now place themselves one step ahead.
Your family, your business, your workplace, your self-belief and confidence will all benefit from you placing yourself, one step ahead.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you can stop putting others before yourself. You are important; this is a concept perhaps strange for some.
It does not mean that you become strident and assertive, a trait which may not sit well with you. It just means that self-belief, self-love, self-empowerment are free gifts you can give to your Self.

My Membership cost £12 per Month

  • £12 per month
  • £120 Annually ( 12 months for price of 10).

(T’s and C’s being finalised. Monthly cancellation refunds 100% guaranteed. Annual refund has a small proviso).


Keep safe and well.

Susan x