Body, Mind Connection Videos

Live the Life You Want Club Launch: Body, Mind Connection

Sharing 2 Videos made as part of my Founding Member Launch for ‘Live the Life You Want Club’ in July 2020.

Body, Mind Connection: sense in your body where you feel a stress trigger

This short video offers an opportunity to test the Body, Mind connection.

If the concept of a link between stress, anxiety and troubled emotions, and their effect on illness or a chronic health condition seems remote or alien to you, please take part in this little activity.
Have a play.
You may discover the world that puts you as the main character, able to mend and heal from answers that you hold within.

The subconscious holds many answers to emotional and physical dis-stress and dis-ease.
You hold the key.
Why would you not try to help yourself find some of the answers to improving a troublesome health symptom?

As a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach I can guide you in feeling emotionally stronger and physically healthier.

A bonus included in this Post: The potential root cause of Back Pain

Susan is the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma