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Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Programme

Open for new clients: 4 spaces are now available for my Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Programme.

My Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Programme uses micro habit change to boost good eating & lifestyle choices, making success achievable.

I only work with a maximum of 4 clients at one time.
It is a 4 week/sessions, programme, specific and tailored to you.

I am the guide, facilitator and coach.
You know so many of the answers to the issues which upset and block your successes, but they are held within. I help bring the answers to the surface.

It is a great feeling when you sense and appreciate the Ah Ha moments. The moments when you realise, “Yes, that’s another block dealt with; it was tucked away, now discovered, unravelled and gone!”

You know there are reasons why you often cannot achieve the success you expect. You have blocks which jump in and sabotage. Screw things up.

Blocks to success is one key area which we address together.

So why might my Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating Programme suit you?
Well during the last few months it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. Much has changed and much has been added to your potentially full and busy life I expect.
But maybe you’ve been thinking about cleaning up your act, being regular with the good habits which actually you enjoy and respect.

Perhaps a few pounds in weight have gone on.  Maybe there are some habits you want to address because you know that they are not working in your best interest.

These could be as simple as taking more exercise, eating a healthier diet which as you know, makes you feel better and more energetic, or easing off the wine or booze.
Creating better habits is surprisingly straight forward It’s not a HUGE Mindset shift, it is very manageable and very empowering.

All habits can be surprisingly easy to adjust when you are ready to do the work. Making the time and having the support and guidance makes all the difference. I guide, facilitate and empower you on your re-adjustment journey.
And that’s what it is. A re-adjustment and the results are amazing.

Emotionally you can enjoy an inner confidence, which shines!

Physically you will feel stronger and healthier.  You will have more energy and have a new sense of enjoying life because you are coming from a different place emotionally. And that is the driving force.

If you are ready, I am here.

I absolutely love working with my clients and helping them to achieve their goals.
And the most surprising thing is that with only little changes you will achieve the biggest successes and the momentum carries you forward to making the SUSTAINABLE change.

The Cost is £300.

Give me a call or message me so that we can chat and you can check up on questions you may have. Direct message please so that I can give you my number.

My website :  has all my contact details.

I only offer 4 spaces at a time.