Emotional and physical health concerns

If you struggle with an emotional or physical health problem, perhaps you can see a correlation between my new learning within the great world of Marketing, and how you manage an emotional or physical health concern.
Marketing and Health topics attract millions of viewers who are eager to make self-improvement.

2 questions
1. Marketing question: How do I know if my Posts are being seen by the right people?
2. Health question: Where can I find out how to improve my physical and/or emotional health symptom?

You want to find answers and implement them

But the problems often arise when you have to maintain the effort and staying power. That’s the hard bit.
The same sticking points will keep tripping you up if you do not do the required work.
How many times have you asked the same question to Google, checked the answer and thought,
‘Ok I best go back and do all this again.’
And that’s because your brain has not had enough practice in remembering the answer. You don’t automatically remember. You haven’t completed the instructions often enough. You need to repeat the process again.

Gaining more clarity

When I invested in professional support and guidance to improve my Marketing message this year, I definitely had a shift in energy. My belief is strong to commit and implement my learnings, and that is proving most satisfying.
My Business is growing organically; less effort, evolving naturally and with more ease.
I can now help and support new clients because my message is clear, inviting and professional.

Think of the times you have felt enthused to discover and learn new techniques, to watch or listen to experts who share their gold dust. Perhaps you read specific books on health which relate to your chronic health symptom.
However the bottom line is that you struggle with your specific physical health problem.
It keeps coming back and upsetting you at many levels.

Chronic health symptoms present myriad problems.

They spoil easy flow and generally create obstacles in day to day life.
You may suffer with: a painful knee, a genital problem, a urinary issue, a heart palpitation, bloating, gut trouble, menstrual concerns, difficulty in conceiving, headaches.
And a question you may frequently ask is, “Why on earth does this keep happening to me?”

This is my area of expertise and skill: I help you to become more self-aware which has a positive knock on effect in self-healing.

3 questions for you

1. Do you take time to question WHY you struggle with stress and/or a chronic health condition? 
2. How often does chronic pain disturb your sleep, or your day to day plans?
3. Do you fear that symptoms will escalate, become more difficult to manage because the Meds might stop working?

I can inform you that no amount of self-analysis will help you to resolve a recurring state of anxiety or a flair up of a chronic symptom. Because…..we seldom can get out of our own way.
In my case now that I am taking my self-promotion more seriously, investing more fully in professional help, I am reaping the rewards.
The same principle will work for you if you decide to invest with a trusted professional who can help you with your chronic health symptom.

The dictionary meaning of Chronic: 1 of 1 (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring.

If you choose to take time and continue good practice, make the required little, micro changes which are asked of you, then you will experience positive health results which you will consider as beyond belief. You will marvel at the results. In Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching we ask for micro change, step by step, over some weeks. Your confidence grows as you find out that you can make the changes and this confidence, encourages the next step.

What needs to happen for you to improve your health?

  • You must want to improve your health
  • You need to be ready to improve your health
  • You take the necessary action

I expect you have sought professional medical advice, taken medications and routes to manage your painful or chronic symptom.
But you are your best medicine.
The Mind, Body connection is real. Your body only wants to heal. However it’s at this point that a new paradigm in many people’s psyche is required. New knowledge and a new appreciation of this information will be an advantage.

It is during the body’s healing phase, that we become ill. Pain may flair up and symptoms of illness are felt.
A Talk I gave earlier this year explains The 5 Points and Phases of an illness.
Put simply: When a stress is over, your body heals. It is automatic and done without you being able to control it.
Examples of when this may happen:

  • Whilst on holiday relaxing you may become ill or feel off colour
  • When someone retires they may develop an unwanted health symptom
  • You’ve had a busy week at work, been successful but need to rest up during the weekend

Key learning: your stress phase is over, the body regenerates and some healing takes place

How can you work to break a chronic health cycle?
Much is spoken about this but my learning and opinion is that you need to find the Root Cause to the problematic health symptom.
To uncover the root cause to a physical health symptom we explore troublesome emotions, negative beliefs and stressors, and discover that tweaks in social and lifestyle management are useful too. You will then experience impressive improvements in your emotional and physical health.

Key Point: A physical health problem is symbolic; a manifestation of a much deeper emotional issue

My training as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach will help to support and navigate your journey so that you fully appreciate and discover that there is so much you can do to improve your health.

Good health is everything.
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching offers this amazing free download.
Download: The 6 Route Causes to a Health Symptom

My special interest is Female Reproductive and Intimate Health concerns

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