Women's Health

Infertility and ectopic pregnancy

Many therapists and healers are intuitively drawn to help, support, teach as a result of a personal experience experience.
I was a primary teacher for 30 years and when life turned around on a sixpence and I was led into the world of healing.

After much learning from others, experiencing the interaction with clients, hey Presto, here I am.
Each stage in my professional journey naturally shaped my ability to help others investigate troublesome health symptoms. What grated and didn’t sit right got panned and Divine timing helped with everything else.
What is meant to be…..

It was over Sunday breakfast chatting with Herb that I somehow was taken to thinking about Tommy Cooper,(it came from discussing boiled eggs!) and he remembered seeing Tommy die on stage on TV.
It was his time.
We discussed the statement, ‘When your time is up, it’s up.’
And that led me to thinking about the health glitches I had experienced when trying to conceive; and intimate health stuff which later presented.

We all have preconceived ideas around certain health and life scenarios.
Why? Because they have been locked into our subconscious. We have all heard parents, family, or even teachers drop the nuggets which we have chosen to inadvertently store. They shape our landscape and can be very influential in how we wander through life.

But going back to the pregnancy issue, well I could write a book on that.
Suffice to say that I spent maybe 4 years trying to conceive.
My first husband and I were in Qatar in the early 1980s and all my Fertility investigations went on over there.

I, for some reason hoped my husband was to blame and a little sperm power enhancing might be the easy answer.
But no, I had stuff going on.

One test I had I will never forget was to flush my fallopian tubes- the memory is hazy because it was horrendous. But I think it was to blow, clean out the tubes.
I took an hour off a school day and said I’d be back. The joys of naivety.
My excellent Consultant (was not doing the procedure I found out, and his 2nd in charge, WTF), did the job.
Midway through the procedure I was almost screaming for a bottle of whisky, in a Moslem hospital.

‘It sounds a bit like a D&C without the anesthetic,’ was a comment from one of the lovely Irish nurses we socialised with in Doha when I reported my experience.

This debacle seemed to be partly, in my opinion, why I then experienced an Ectopic Pregnancy a few months later.
But, IMPORTANT POINT: my training and learning as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Life Coach, (30 years on), has opened up a pinpoint Mind, Body Connection to why at a subconscious level, many women have an ectopic pregnancy. When I first discovered this, I could certainly relate to that possibility.

After the Ectopic Pregnancy when my wonderful Consultant, Mustafa Kleida saved my blocked tube, I did conceive within the next 6 months. My son was born by Caesarean Section. I did not dilate.

Again there is Mind, Body connection running amok here. I was not one of those ‘too posh to push’, rather more fearful of the birthing process and was just stuck at 5cms. It was not going to happen.
My mother had problems delivering me. I should have been a Caesarean birth but my mother tried to have a home delivery, and I had trouble emerging from the birth canal.
However It is not set in stone that just because your mother had ‘problems’ in childbirth that you will too.

Matrix Birth ReImprinting is excellent in dispelling birth anxieties.
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