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#triggeralert miscarriage

I read the Duchess of Sussex’s Post from The New York Times, 25th November, where she writes movingly about her recent miscarriage.

The article shares the couple’s grief and highlights statistics around miscarriage which I am adding below.

Miscarriage is quite common, quoted as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and that the number is probably higher because many women will be unaware that they have miscarried. It is also stated that the subject of miscarriage is fairly taboo; not discussed openly.

Nowadays I do believe that this is changing. Anguish and trauma associated with miscarriage are more commonly discussed, certainly within relevant forums.
Correctly emotional health is now being given equal standing alongside physical health.
This is a highly emotive subject and emotional support is needed.

Gone I hope are the days of the tougher supportive comments shared from those trying to be be compassionate but failing, simply because it IS such an emotive subject.

• Yes we all know we can TRY again

Some accept and believe that nature works to release an embryo which is not as it should be (difficult for me to word without causing distress to some)

• Anger, sadness, unfairness, trauma, disappointment; feelings which need stabilised and released to allow oneself to move on.

I know I was disappointed when I experienced a person crossing the street, assuming that I had not seen them, rather than stop and talk to me regarding a recent raw and personal trauma. And of course I forgive them. Most folks mean well.

If you’ve experienced miscarriage, a fertility or intimate health condition, I can help.