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Ectopic pregnancy and reproductive problems

I remember well when I lived and worked in Doha, Qatar, 1984 and wakened up in Intensive Care.
I felt confused. My first husband was sitting by my bed and explaining that, Yes, I had been pregnant.
I was in the hospital for ‘a procedure’ to explore why I was bleeding and also 2 weeks late with my period. Also, my bloods showed that something was amiss.
That had been my level of understanding.

But the result  of the investigative operation showed that the foetus was embedded within my fallopian tube and had to be removed.
The Doctor’s reported that a full laparotomy had been necessary. An ectopic pregnancy was removed but the fallopian tube had been saved, and that was good.

I felt quietly stunned, and my body was sore. I remember a pain in my shoulders which related to the laparotomy.  

However, and for whatever unconscious reasons, because each of us is unique, each substantial life experience will shape or affect us at a subconscious level.
There are many different problems that you can struggle with relating to personal  reproductive and intimate health concerns.

When something does not happen as you want it to, disappointment can often be felt.
When your body doesn’t perform the way you hope and expect it to, a myriad of troublesome emotions are felt like anger, sadness, helplessness.

Panic, despair, confusion can run amok.

Negative beliefs get trapped in the subconscious and shape your story in how you respond to future life scenarios.
But that troublesome story you tell yourself can be changed, altered so that expectation and hope can rise again, and become your new reality.

Your medical experts, and thank God for them, can tidy you up after an operation, clear away the damage and have you fit once more.

But WHY did it happen in the first place, to you?

Are you aware that you are your best medicine?
You hold the answer to start the shift so that old emotional stressors and out of date beliefs can evaporate, leaving space for new………

I now have 2 grown up big children.

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The WHY you have this issue.
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