Body, Mind Connection Workshop

Remember to be Grateful

Memories are a strange business and can pop up right out of the blue. Or so it seems.
Some action, thought, or word triggers the memory which can please or surprise you.

A realisation hit me some days ago after I had completed planning for a Gratitude Workshop.
Here’s a glimpse of the memory.

One time,1997, when our kids were young, we were on a long canoe trip in Ardeche, France.
It was a beautiful experience at the beginning. There was an eclipse going on. The light was moody, the birdsong seemed strangely different and the air was very still. 

The trip unfortunately proved to be extremely hazardous. Graeme and I were hopeless at steering our canoe, and when we reached the famous and challenging rapids, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, I very nearly lost my life.

Our canoe crashed and stranded itself around the rocks.
Somehow, I was sucked out of the canoe and escaped harm.
I know I was under the water, and had time to think:
“Is this it?”

Two points I want to make:
1.    I seemed unafraid during those seconds.
2.    I had forgotten about this experience for which I ‘should be’ profoundly grateful.

I had survived and was without injury. I had a guardian Angel that day.

 Do you sometimes forget to feel grateful for the good things in your life?
These incredibly challenging times can make us feel distanced from what is truly important. And the day may pass as if in a haze.
Very often it is the simplest and most fundamental of values which help you to move forward each day.

When you feel at ease, fewer worries surface to block emotional strength or inner resolve.
Having a strong sense of gratitude and knowing what is important, unconsciously empowers future actions.

And that’s why in my Workshop, I offer tools, techniques and shared knowledge, so that these learned practices empower a relaxed Mindset and importantly, help you to feel better.
That combination subtly clears negativity and impacts positively on your physical health.

We can all benefit from a little help and guidance.

So please click this link and join me in my FREE ZOOM GRATITUDE AND EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP, January 25th at 10.30am.