Survive and Thrive after trauma

Being self-aware

9 years ago, I wrote my book, “Survive and Thrive after Trauma”. The book I had to write. I knew my story inside out. I found it difficult to move away from the whole sorry episode.

I had already started my personal and professional Emotional Healing journey when I decided to write the book.
The book shares detail of an emotionally challenging, traumatic life-changing time.
It is a book of three parts:

1. Autobiographical.

2. Tools and techniques to help reduce stress related symptoms.

3. Golden nuggets from others, who shared what helped them on their journey to improved emotional health.

I am writing this Post to highlight Self-Awareness.My self-awareness was that I had to write my book. (I loved that experience; I was invigorated and eager).

Can you sense when Self-Sabotage is at play in your life? Most of us can be unaware that we run behaviours which do not serve.Then suddenly, a light bulb moment slaps you around and makes you take notice of something which offers no positive benefit.

If you become aware of any Self-Sabotaging traits, give yourself a High 5.
• Acknowledge that baby steps will change habits which hurt you emotionally.
Awareness in recognising self-sabotage is the1st step.


• Do you know that the low vibrational feelings of being in Victim Mode, believing that something is Not Fair, feelings of Rage, Injustice, Unforgiveness can only debilitate, and hold no positive value for you?On the Emotional Guidance Scale which I include in my book, being Unforgiving was at the bottom of the scale?
Totally debilitating, crippling. Being unforgiving does not serve, ever.It is a joy (Joy is top of the Emotional Scale) to forgive others, and more importantly, to forgive Yourself. It frees you.

Professional guidance is often required when we cannot get out of our own way.
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