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My pregnancy journey, and have times changed?

If you require procedures to help achieve pregnancy, you need to give it your best effort and be strong physically and emotionally. An organ, mind, brain experience.
In the summer of 1984, after my Ectopic Pregnancy my 1st husband and I realized that getting pregnant was not a given. 

We were living in Doha, Qatar, earning the big bucks and life was good.  We both wanted to know what the prognosis was regarding having children, and what we might decide if the prognosis was less than positive.

I did not want to spend the next 10 years waiting every month, to see if……

We had had the discussions together.
Would we consider adopting if I could not conceive?
Would we look into artificial insemination; test tube babies?
Would we make other plans to look at life through different eyes?

This is a situation which tests relationships.
We were not yet tested but wanted to find out possibilities.
I researched to find some answers. Who could help us? Not that easy in those days.
(Keeping in touch with family was by letter, maybe a couple of times a month).

Now, this was the infancy of Test Tube babies.

The days when Dr Robert Winston, Hammersmith Hospital and Prof. Ian Craft at Cromwell Hospital in London, were part of the forefront of In-Vitro Fertilizations (IVF).

I wrote to them and got a warmer response from Ian Craft establishment, so I asked for the exploratory operation.

Our Contract in Doha gave us one month’s holiday. We had 2 weeks in Greece and did the exploratory procedures in London afterwards.

I must add that when we walked into the Cromwell Hospital it was an opulent place. Full of many people from all over the world, The Commonwealth.
The money machines were a plenty and it was amazing and strange at the same time.

The treatment I received, and the Laparoscopy were seamless, professional, and highly valuable.

Dr Craft who performed my procedure explained to me that my tubes were viable, thanks to the excellent work of my Specialist in Doha.
My Doha Consultant was Dr Mustafa Kleida (to whom I am deeply grateful). A Sudanese man who trained at Hammersmith Hospital. The ectopic pregnancy operation had been carried out in the original Doha Women’s Hospital.
Dr Kleida saved my right tube. 
I was in intensive care for several days after the operation.
I had a dead cockroach under my bed.
I say this because there are other stories I could add which might seem to undermine the excellent care I received.
All would be narrow minded and not of value.

Here is some useful detail.
Dr. Craft asked me if I had ever had a miscarriage or an abortion because he said that my cervix looked to be potentially, compromised.
That can lead to miscarriage; the loss of a baby at around twenty weeks.

I was unaware of experiencing an early miscarriage and had not had an abortion.

We left the Cromwell Hospital with positive and useful information.
We conceived our son 3 or 4 months later.
In the world of energy healing: the pressure was off, there was a relaxation, feelings of hope.
We were not living in dread or disappointment.
Our daughter arrived 22 months later.

The Organ, Mind, Brain connection; the whole body working together is an amazing piece of work.

Here are some facts relating to the success rate of IVF.

In the early ‘80s, Test Tube Babies was the phrase used back in the day.
Infertility is a big business, and it involves a big monetary investment.

Undergoing Fertility treatment of this kind is a big deal, with a huge emotional rollercoaster journey being undertaken.
The percentage success rate of IVF in the 1980s was at best I believe,25%, probably 20%. to 25%.

The Guardian in 2020, “In 2018, the average birth rate per embryo transferred for all IVF patients was 23% – but was 31% for under-35s, compared with less than 5% for patients 43 and above when using their own eggs.

Key Point: The success rate of (IVF) has not improved a great deal in over about 40 years.
So, it is worthwhile to undertake this big life adventure in a holistic manner.

Your body and your emotional stability need to be ready, so that you are in a confident, realistic and nurturing place.

This is a big deal for those undergoing this exceptional procedure.
There is a whole lot involved.
All the stress and expectations of

  • Dealing with the normal daily ups and downs of life.
  • Feeling vulnerable because emotions are all over the place.
  • Considering failure or blocking that possibility.

And there are 2 people involved in all of this, so relationship support, trust and love are essential too.

Perspective is required. If you are not in flow, and running undercurrents of anxiety and fear, then your body is not at its best and offering its most welcoming environment to achieve the successful outcome.

That is why your emotional health is equally important alongside all the wonderful procedures given to you by the ‘godlike people’, who can seem to offer you your heart’s desire.
You can empower and enable your body and your emotional strength to be a nurturing space, primed so that you are giving this procedure the best opportunity for success.

So, it is important to sort out stress, manage fears of potential  failure, so that you can live the best life afterwards regardless of the outcome.
And that’s why you  need to book a chat with me.
Find out how I can help you to be emotionally and physically ready, if IVF or (IUI) is being considered or going ahead.

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