Women's Health

Healing Your Reproductive Symptom- Mind, Body in Balance

A Post and video sharing information about my new programme:
Calling women who want to achieve a successful pregnancy or improve a chronic reproductive health symptom so that you can experience life with a balanced sense of expectation, enjoyment and empowerment.

This is a 6-part programme with pre-recorded videos

It is for women:

  • who have been unsuccessful in falling pregnant, experienced an ectopic pregnancy or the distress of miscarriage, are considering IVF.
  • who have chronic reproductive health problems e.g. PCOS, PCO, fallopian tube, infertility, genital or hormonal, troublesome perimenopausal and menopausal issues.
  • who suffer from intimate genital health symptoms.

When your body is in harmony:

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Reproductive and Intimate Health.
Your symptoms are more common than you think. You hold the key.

For women who appreciate that Mind, Body balance is vital for good health.
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The programme is open from October 27th, 2021.

Is this something of interest?
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(Introductory Price £99 until 31st October, 2021)
The value is priceless.