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Does a health problem scare you?

Does a health problem scare you?
An interesting question to ponder. 
You may have a fear and no idea how to fix it! 

You jump automatically into fear mode.

Fear is the most fundamental of our emotional triggers but is often masked by anger, sadness, feeling alone. 

Feeling isolated and alone is more common than you might expect. 


Let’s take a health fear further

You may consider that you are ok, dealing with the problem, seeking professional help. 
Introducing lifestyle self-healing into the plan may not be considered. 

However you hold much information within, (subconsciously hidden) which WILL guide you to uncover solution to life AND health problems. 

Recently I wrote an article for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit about Lichen Sclerosis, (L.S.), a troublesome, intimate health condition.
It is sneaky, lies dormant until it becomes active.

I joined a private Facebook group recently which I found to be an incredible resource for those struggling with L.S. 
Women bravely asking, sharing, supporting.

If you know where to look for healing assistance, there are many hidden gems of support but some women are unaware, fear the unknown and suffer in silence. 

Reproductive, Intimate and Infertility problems affect life and relationships .
Fear and anxiety require managing.  

Anxieties of:  

  • being less of a woman because you cannot conceive, there’s something wrong with you, fear of life being unfulfilled. 
  • Pain or bleeding from reproductive issues which cause embarrassment, debilitate day to day life, stop sporting activities. 
  • The medicines no longer manage your chronic condition to your satisfaction.
  • Feeling isolated with your problem. 

I highlight a nugget of information:  

Feelings of Isolation are significant in many physical health problems, in both sexes.
Fear can be subtle, yet profound. 

In my work as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, I help clients to work through layers of chronic health symptoms, necessary when investigating root cause reason for said symptom.

And if you want to find out more about clearing a chronic symptom , please register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit, Oct. 27 – 31.

Many troublesome health problems which require healing, will come back to feelings of Isolation, feeling alone. 

Mind, Body in Balance, Healing Reproductive Health Programme

My new programme offers an opportunity to quieten and soothe strong negative feelings about your health problem. 

I guide and support you to address negative traits, share guided healings, coach and mentor to encourage journaling which offers invaluable self-discovery learnings, so that you quietly shift to a place of calm, preparing you for further investigation into WHY you struggle with your chronic symptom. 

It is for women: 

• who have been unsuccessful in falling pregnant, experienced an ectopic pregnancy or the distress of miscarriage, are considering IVF. 

• who have chronic reproductive health problems e.g. PCOS, PCO, fallopian tube, infertility, hormonal or troublesome perimenopausal and menopausal issues.

• who suffer from intimate genital health symptoms affecting sexual reproductive outcomes; Lichen Sclerosis, Genital Herpes.  

Mind, Body in Balance, Healing Reproductive Health

Introductory Price: £99 (end 31st October)
Normal cost £147.