Women's Health

Struggling with a reproductive health problem?

Struggling with a reproductive health problem and ready to do the preparation, the ground work?

Consider the length of time you have struggled with your health issue.

It takes considerable time with months of healing input from you, working alongside a skilled practitioner like me, to lower, manage or clear your symptom.

There is no quick fix.

However, the reassurance I offer:
When you are ready to add intention, effort and to work alongside the medical doctors and specialists, physical healing and pain can be better managed, reduced or cleared.

You may still choose to do self-healing exercises alone because you know what to do, or think you know what’s required, and you may have some small success.

(And yes of course there is always the remarkable exception to that comment).

Mind, Body in Balance: Healing Reproductive Health

is essential as a stepping stone to healing your chronic or emotional problem.

I spend many sessions with a client relieving, releasing, and clearing emotional blocks, negative beliefs and high levels of stress and anxiety, (the ground work), before my clients uncover the root cause to their emotional or physical health symptom.

Imagine writing a book; it’s a process.
Building a website; it’s a process.
Much is involved.

Your body is an excellent healing machine, and Mindset requires some sorting first.

This programme I have developed is going to be incorporated into a 3 month, more likely a 6 month program, and the cost will be considerable.

When you invest in my Mind, Body in Balance, Healing Reproductive Health you will receive 6 Master Classes offering evidence based groundwork exercises, tools, techniques and more which are necessary to success.

The classes offer a route to calm and quiet.
The mind and body become more in balance and this offers improved physical health healing opportunity and a reduction in pain and discomfort.

You will practice the same principles I share and work through with my 1-1 clients.
You appreciate what is required on a healing journey.

Time is running out for you to invest at ground level.
Introductory price of £99.

£99 Introductory price ends Saturday, 30th October.