Why do you believe EFT for BEGINNERS BUNDLE may not serve you?

Why is EFT for BEGINNERS Bundle not for you?

I don’t believe that a quick fix of EFT will be much use to me

This is a personal belief not everyone’s belief.
Negative beliefs don’t serve. They hold you back from ease, joy, success.

The results gained from testing out and working through the classes offer a simple and effective opportunity to feel better, stronger, happier.

e.g. A belief to dismiss an untested opportunity does not serve.
MasterClasses 1, 2 and 3 offer training, insight and education so that you will experience benefit.

EFT is a universally acclaimed technique used by many professionals e.g. doctors and psychiatrists, counsellors, teachers/in schools, to give clients the opportunity to lower anxieties.
Fundamentally it works on clearing negative beliefs and emotions, and blocks to success.

The time seems right for you to try it out at this introductory level .

I do not believe that EFT can help me with chronic pain or a chronic symptom.

MASTERCLASS 4 goes into detail about the automatic Mind, Body connection, and explains how you can learn to listen to your body.

When you begin to appreciate that possibility, you may decide to explore your symptom at a deeper 1-2-1 level with me.
This package offers you growth and the potential for the healing of physical health symptoms, and the lowering of pain.
At the price of £17.50 you can only gain.

But my chronic symptoms flair when I have been feeling fine and don’t feel stressed.


And Session 4 gives a full explanation why your chronic health flairs, just when you can’t understand why, or  when you least expect it.

I have felt stressed for years, I just accept it, there’s not a lot I can do. I’ve tried everything.

There is a great deal you can do to break away from repeating stress triggers, thoughts of ‘nothing seems to work for me’.
EFT helps you to unravel the culprit belief and allows freedom to move on.
MasterClasses 1, 2, and 3 offer training, insight and education to release and manage negative feelings and negative beliefs, once you become aware that this is possible.

I have only been feeling anxious for a short time. I believe I can sort myself out quite quickly.

The EFT for Beginners Bundle offers insight and opportunity for the quick fix release of stress, anxiety, troublesome emotions and negatively held beliefs; none of which are helpful to you today.

So in principle you will be able to clear feelings of recent anxiety quite quickly, especially so when you work with a practitioner 1-2-1.

Many people wait many years to ask for guidance.
That means that the energetic negativity has a much stronger hold, and restricts flow of joy, confidence and self-belief.

These MasterClasses are an opportunity to learn this technique, practice this technique and feel that you no longer e.g. feel heightened anger, unmanageable sadness or fear of having to speak your truth.

The MasterClasses offer growth so that you can assess your next step.

Your next step might be:
a) Doing the practicing so that it becomes 2nd nature.

b) Enjoy all the offerings  within the Bundle and make  daily self-care, and self-love a joy to experience.

Seems like a bit of a slog having to practice daily.

When you are ready and excited about trying out my MasterClasses then you are in a great space for self-improvement.
The forward momentum offers anticipation and enthusiasm as you experience changes to Mindset and behaviours.

My days are full, I can hardly find time to sit down.

This is where self-love can be considered.

How much do you believe and want to feel emotionally stronger and physically healthier?

What is causing you to keep hammering on, when just making the tiniest change, finding that 5 minutes, can offer you so much benefit?

I believe you deserve to feel emotionally more at ease.
Do you want to feel more at ease?

This Bundle offers you many possibilities to enjoy life, feel more at ease and sense a confidence to make new and positive decisions which will benefit you .

When you benefit, those around you, and those you love will benefit.
The ripple effect is enormous from the tiniest positive change that you choose to make.

EFT seems a bit fluffy to me

For £17.50 the time is right to test out EFT and prepare to be amazed at what you achieve.
Check out the full brief on EFT for BEGINNERS BUNDLE.

Why does it seem fluffy?

Are you embarrassed?
Why are you embarrassed?

This is Energy Healing, a whole-body healing, not simply a Mindset Healing.

The thinking brain often requires some clearing; that’s what EFT can offer.

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