Tapping Routine: When a SuperBEING feels challenged at Christmas

For those Superbeings who enjoy, plan and embrace all the festive food challenges, family gatherings and children placating, I salute you.

Festive, Tongue-in-cheek or a Godsend

To feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit I need a fix of Carol singing and the traditional Christmas Story.
My grandchildren help of course.

The solid traditions comfort me at this time of year.
Happy memories. One when a teenager with my friends, singing merrily at the Christmas Eve Carol Service, although we did have an adequate amount of booze inside.
It was fun, no-one got hurt and we enjoyed the community and festive camaraderie.

Some may already be feeling the build up of pressure, so I offer this EFT Tapping routine to ease any dread and fear of festive overload, and to offer the opportunity for a mellow Christmas feeling .

A little tongue in cheek! Enjoy and take benefit.

Do check out the words, alter to suit and FEEL MUCH BETTER about the delights of Christmas.

Practicing it over the next 3 weeks will serve you well and help to keep you sane should the pressure become a little bit too much.

And never forget: NO-ONE LIKES A PARTY POOPER.

Tapping Routine: When SuperBEINGs feels challenged at Christmas

A few instructions:
You rate the negative issue – O is low, 10 is- High and time to take tapping action!

You state where you feel the distress in our body, eg in your head, on your shoulders, in your legs And Begin….

Tap karate point    3 times

Even though  I think I may be trying to cram too much into my life, I Love And Accept Myself As Best I Can Today( If unable to say that, say ‘ I ‘m doing the best I can’)

Even tho I might seriously be attempting to do too much, I love and A M A B I C T

Even tho I’m actually knackered but pretending I’m not!  I still can love and accept M A B I C T

Tap on all these point gently with fingers

Top Head              This isn’t good

Corner of Eye      Gosh! I can’t do it all

Side of Eye            What will they all say if I can’t do it all?

Under  Eye            Maybe I can pretend I CAN do it all,  just for a bit little longer

Under Nose           Yes that’s what I’ll do

Under Mouth        I WILL MANAGE

Collar bone             I WILL MANAGE

Under Arm             Oh dear, I’m not actually sure I can manage.

Take  a few deeps breaths.            Consider what number of stress level you are now , then repeat

T H                       Why can’t I manage?

C E                        What’s going wrong?

S E                         I don’t believe this!

U E                        Why can’t I keep being a Superman, Superwoman, SuperBeing?

U N                        It’s still a  blooming 9 out of 10

U L                         My (Whatever your discomfort is)  ? Stomach is still churning, head is bursting, anger is bubbling, and I want to cry

C B                          I just can’t believe this

U A                         Goodness me,  maybe  I can’t DO IT ALL

Deep breaths- Allow reality to creep in and change the  Karate phrase- to whatever you want – but try this if it helps!

Karate point and repeat 3 times.

Even tho I accept I am challenged and  I can barely admit to it, I do feel a bit overburdened,

However, I love and accept myself as best I can today.

Even tho I will admit that  I need to ease up otherwise I might not enjoy the festive season,

I Love A A M A B I C T

Even tho I do admit I need to SLOW UP  – I can STILL  Love and accept Myself

T H                      I need to slow down

C E                       I accept I need to slow down

S E                       ahh! I do need to ease up because I FEEL TIRED!

U E                      I need a rest!

U N                     Easing up

U M                     Being kinder to ME

C B                       I choose to ease up, give myself a break! Christmas will be fine………………

U A                      I allow myself  to be kinder to ME

Repeat               and take   Deep breaths

T H                       I allow myself time

C E                        I give myself time

S E                        I ease up on all that I THINK I need to achieve

U E                        Wanting to survive Christmas

U N                       If I need to, I can ask for help

U M                      However, I recognise I do actually need to look after myself

C B                        Gosh…… that feels nice

U A                       I could get used to this! I COULD get used to looking after myself!

Deep breaths.  Consider what number of stress you feel right now, between 0 and 10 .
Where do you feel discomfort in your body?

For those SuperBEINGS who know how to keep a balance – All power to you.

For those who recognise that THIS ROUTINE COULD HELP – please practice as often as you can.

Happy Christmas Wishes to all