Pregnancy and IVF

Infertility, IVF and Pregnancy to term Workshop

My Infertility, IVF (In vitro fertilisation ) and Pregnancy to term Workshop is for women who:
  • Struggle emotionally with infertility problems
  • Feel stressed and fearful about IVF procedures
  • Want to feel more at ease in maintaining a pregnancy to term.

On Saturday, January 22nd, from 4pm, I will be running my Infertility, IVF and Pregnancy to term Workshop, and together we will explore the key difficulties which can block conception.

If you have been given no specific medical reason why you are unable to become pregnant, then the time has come to examine what else might be going on.

Workshop contents


Infertility is a very personal and deeply upsetting problem. It is often described as a lonely journey. Many women struggle with the strong emotions crashing around.

Clients have confided that they have felt alone, a failure, less of a woman

It is a minefield of mixed emotions.
Relationships can struggle.

The Infertility, IVF and Pregnancy to term Workshop is partly educational and will focus on the fact that infertility is not necessarily a physical health problem.
Emotional and mindset issues will also stop the body’s automatic, natural flow into a state of pregnancy.

Stress, negative beliefs, lifestyle, dietary considerations could be the crucial stumbling block to you achieving a successful pregnancy.

This workshop will help you to highlight which block to success is disturbing your body’s natural rhythm.

You will:

  • Practice easing a troublesome Mindset when you use tested and proven techniques which lower stress and ease anxieties.
  • Explore the opportunity to work intuitively, and to become aware of your body or mind responses when I share Lifestyle Prescriptions® Heath Coaching practices.
  • Appreciate that you can play a key role in achieving your goal and when you implement learnings from the Workshop, you empower your journey to achieve a state of pregnancy.

IVF preparation

The Workshop will benefit those preparing or undergoing IVF treatment.

You may struggle with anxieties, stress, negative beliefs, a troublesome mindset.
Thoughts of failure, blame, embarrassment or simply the unease which goes hand in hand with the IVF procedure are common.

When you can embrace the highly technical, intrusive and business-like procedures involved in IVF with positivity and belief, then a successful outcome improves immeasurably.

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Pregnancy to term

The gift of pregnancy is welcomed by many women.
It is special, wondrous and a much anticipated time of your life.
However anxieties or a fearful mindset that something may go wrong in pregnancy are common.

Join me to ease worries and to learn more about your body so that you increase your potential in achieving a much desired state of pregnancy.

Workshop format

The Workshop will be over Zoom, with Q&A opportunities.

Date: 22nd January 2022

Time: 16:00 GMT

Duration: 75 minutes plus Q&A

Cost: £45.

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