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Infertility can be a lonely journey

In 1984 my first husband and I were on holiday in Lindos, on the Greek Island of Rhodes.
We had just finished our 2nd Year working in Doha, Qatar.

One evening as we enjoyed a lively dinner and a few wines, we got into conversation with another Scottish couple.
More wine and good chat.

I probably instigated the conversation where we shared that after the relaxing holiday, I was about to undertake investigations at a top London Fertility Clinic run by Dr. Ian Craft, to explore my infertility glitches and ectopic pregnancy.

Our new Scottish friend at the restaurant shared that he was a doctor and we discussed at length an Infertility case of his (he was discreet) which he considered may be of interest to us.

It was. 

I will be sharing the story in my upcoming Workshop. 

The information was very on point.
But today, in 2022, the same information is still not discussed openly.

And that is the major problem; the apparent difficulty to talk more freely about infertility based issues.

Not all failures to conceive stem from a physical problem.

You potentially face a lonely journey

If you are on this path it is probable that you will struggle with unsettling, unhelpful emotions, e.g. anger, unfairness, helplessness which can certainly trip you up and block a successful conception.

It is lonely and you can feel unsupported,
It is not a helpful feeling, but it is understandable.

You will benefit from readdressing how you deal with challenges faced on this life journey.

If much time has passed without achieving a state of pregnancy it is appropriate to investigate what’s going on emotionally so that you can reset the mind and body,  so that they work automatically in your favour, not against you.

You may also feel a strong sensation of being unsupported by those you love.

But all too often, family and friends may not be aware of difficulties you are experiencing, or they may ask the questions you dread.

Some people have to endure questions like,
‘When are you two going to start a family?’
Very insensitive.

Equally you may have very powerful beliefs that you are going about things with positivity and determination, to get your situation sorted.

This can result in a mindset which is too tightly driven, and blocks natural flow,

This is a very private matter but that in itself is part of a bigger problem.

It is a sensitive and delicate subject but if you try to resolve your problem by avoiding looking within, without uncovering and releasing fears you have, or blindly continuing along the path which is not presenting the result you crave, then more precious time is passing.

When you allow yourself an alternative perspective to be considered so that subconsciously the mind and body state of alignment is in place, then the physical body is often able to give you the result you desire.

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