Pregnancy and IVF

It’s All in the Preparation

From looking for a new job to achieving pregnancy, you need to prepare.

And if you have no medical reason why you have been unable to conceive naturally, you need to look elsewhere.

Your preparation now includes looking within.

Think about the preparation undertaken when you go for an important new job, a promotion, an interview.

You need to prepare.
You find out what you can about the Company or establishment.
You check how successful it appears to be, and figure out how you will fit in.

You see yourself as perfect for the role.
And you are accepted.
Confidence and expectation will have assisted your success.

Your preparation continues.

You mentally prepare yourself so that you arrive on time. Always a good move.
You might consider what clothes to wear. Check the dress code, or just be you.
You are eager to find out what’s expected of you.

You’re working in the dark a little.
Guessing, assuming, hoping.

Once in the job you may become unsettled because what you think is required can be challenged if fed a curve ball.

You face challenges, perhaps feel that you are floundering.

Work Scenarios:

It is naïve to believe you will sail through your first day, week, month.

But you may keep yourself comfortable by thinking that you will.

There are many who begin a job and fly by the seat of their pants.

Unfazed, uncaring, but with an attitude just works very well for them.

Conception scenarios

You go through the steps to conceive and discover that it is not happening.

If you have been given no specific medical reason why you are unable to become pregnant, then the time has come to examine and prepare for what else might be going on.

You need to find coping methods to manage debilitating unease.

Negative thoughts and reactions require careful handling.
You need to find ways to avoid overwhelm because otherwise time passes
and a state of pregnancy  still remains elusive.

Preparation is essential for change to happen.

You need to look within.

You may choose to seek help, search for answers, because the god given right that you thought was yours to achieve pregnancy, is apparently not working for you.

Undertaking IVF (In vitro fertilization) is an opportunity if you struggle to conceive naturally.

And your plans, preparation and intention are crucial, just as the considerations you take over any big plan or new job.

But in this case : it’s personal.

Preparation is required.
You are going into the unknown.
And the rewards for you are life changing.

The responsibility, large.
There’s a whole lot riding on this.

Resolving anxieties and preparing your future actions need to become systematic, business like.

That is because when you undergo IVF (In vitro fertilisation) you are going to be part of a system which has a technical setup.
There are procedures you must go through, timescales, medications, a functional sex-life.

It is impersonal, but very personal to you.
And that is the area which requires your attention.

Mindset, emotional healing, gentleness, positive intention, ease and expectations of success are areas where you must focus your attention.

Stress needs to be managed.

I wish to point out that being too driven in Mindset, with strong hard focus around your plan, can block natural body rhythm and flow.

Gentleness and ease with intention and focus are more effective.

My Workshop: Infertility, IVF preparation and Pregnancy to term will help you.

The Workshop is educational, interactive and offers tools and techniques which will assist you on your IVF journey.

You require your body to work as a complete unit.
Mind and Body speak to each other and when working in flow, will automatically work in your favour.
Pregnancy can remain elusive if your emotions and mindset are the overriding force, and not congruent to your physical body.

I invite you to read a testimonial from a client who worked with me as she was undergoing IUI and IVF treatment. She is now pregnant.

Please join me on Saturday 22nd January at 4pm.
The Workshop will be recorded.
There is a Q & A.

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