Infertility, IVF and Pregnancy preparation- Objections

Calling those interested in my Workshop: Infertility, IVF preparation, Pregnancy to term, and thinking that it won’t work for you.

I offer answers to these thoughts.

If you have been given no specific medical reason why you are unable to become pregnant, then the time has come to examine what else might be going on.

If you recognise any of the following  concerns, this Workshop is ideal for you.:

  • Infertility concerns and you are ready to explore what might be causing your lack of success in falling pregnant
  • Worries, stress, feelings of anxiety as you enter an IVF programme, or are running out of sessions.
  • Pregnancy to term anxiety and you want to manage these feelings because you know they are not serving.

Problems raised

1.              I am interested but I eat well and exercise so heading in the right direction. It’s all positive?
How can this workshop benefit me?

Reply: The Workshop offers education from a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching stance.
Your whole body needs to be in alignment with your emotional thoughts and behaviours so that conception success is high.
Negative mind chatter  is not helpful.
The Workshop offers education and guidance so that your mind and body work as one unit, not squabbling with each other.

2.              I find it strange to read that I can speak with my body, sounds  too woo woo to me. I need proof.

You probably have proof that there is no medical reason for your lack of conception.
So, something else is required. Your mind may be running out of date messages which cause blocks, which hinder your success.
The Workshop offers opportunities to learn new techniques to enhance self-healing and an opportunity to work intuitively.

3. How can my body speak to me?

Answer: We will be working with Energy. We are all energy, and I am trained as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and offer this experience for you to appreciate possibilities and benefits of listening to your body. Eg.

Imagine falling over a tree stump.
You will tell yourself to be more careful in the future.
You will learn to watch out for a similar problem. (Using your mind).
So, you can equally discover how your body can speak to you too.

4. I believe that I am absolutely focussed with the positive mindset that I am doing everything in my power to achieve conception.

Answer: There is a real chance that you are too rigidly focussed with no space for alternative solutions to be introduced and useful. Too fixed a mindset often works against you because you are blocking fresh possibilities.

5.         I am worried that my husband /partner and I will lose spontaneity to have sex, our lives will change, the focus is not on us but on the outcome.

You and your partner are working as a unit, both seeking the same result. You have a journey going on and there are steps which require being taken .

It is important that you do not take all the responsibility or imagine worries which are not there.

You two have a challenge . You need to work together and keep having little conversations. With learnings from the Workshop, you will both benefit because ease in all aspects of this journey is required. Your partner may want to watch the Workshop too.

This is not a time for secrecy.
I urge openness.

6.   IVF questions:

I am booked for IVF treatment.  The Workshop will probably not benefit me. I have read up on IVF and am prepared and hopeful.

Being read up, prepared and hopeful are good positive moves but underlying anxieties cause havoc with your physical body response. You need to work on feeling at ease so that tension is managed and low.

You wlll benefit from arriving at your IVF sessions with gentle and positive intention.
You want to manage and ease anxieties, stress, fears.
The workshop is ideal for those going through IVF.

7. I am going to have IVF and already have done a lot of work managing stress and mindset.

The Workshop offers education from a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching perspective. This coaching looks at Root Cause to chronic health. The educational part of the Workshop will help you to appreciate how your body works. This is beneficial to how you manage the whole experience.

You can never to too well prepared mentally, with regard to IVF.

8.    I am very confused.
I feel that I must be to blame and I wonder if my husband/partner might leave me. Maybe I should just stop trying to have a baby.

Answer: The Workshop offers tools and techniques which help you to lower fears, stress, anxiety, and will help you to understand how your body works.

Managing stress levels is extremely important.
The Workshop will help you in those areas of concern.

9.              I am pregnant and am excited about this stage of my life,  but I do worry that things may go wrong, so I’m not sure how this Workshop can benefit me.

The Workshop is ideal for you.

I offer techniques to help you look within so that you take the learnings and practice the offered techniques. Proven techniques to help you ease worries and maintain gentleness with an air of positivity.

You can use these skills during your whole pregnancy.

10.          I have so many difficult thoughts running through my head and this workshop might make me even more mixed up and anxious.

Answer: This Workshop will  offer you skills which will calm so that you feel at ease and more in control.
The skills require some of your time daily, and many thousands of people benefit from practicing these same techniques which I share.
The trainings are simple and effective.

Workshop: Saturday 22nd January, 4pm.

There will be a recording.
Join today.