Pregnancy and IVF

Infertility, IVF, Pregnancy Workshop: Questions: Can I benefit?

Q.1 My partner and I have decided to try to conceive. It might happen straight away, so why join the Workshop ?

Answer: This Workshop educates and shares techniques and tools which will help you from Day 1. Joining the Workshop will help you straight away.

(I invite you to read my recent Blog Posts on my website, details below, written to help you decide if the Workshop is for you).
The more you understand about your body and your busy active Mind, the better. Be ahead of the game, sign up.
You can benefit 100%

Mind, Body Alignment is vital so that good physical health and pregnancy possibilities  have the optimum  chance for success.
Please appreciate that negative mind chatter is not in charge, only thinks it is in charge.
Learn how to ease a busy headspace.

That’s a Yes, the Workshop offers great benefit so that your journey to conception is a smooth experience, you are ahead of the game, not wasting any time.

Q.2. A Workshop will only offer me so much, I have been trying to become pregnant for a long time. What do you suggest I do? What more can you offer.

The Workshop offers you clear learnings in how your body works sharing the Points and Phases of a health problem,
It highlights potential trip-up points which can be responsible for a lack of success in conceiving. (more than school biology slides).
Knowledge is key and you can learn what works against you causing delays and uncertainties.

The tools and techniques training will help you feel more at ease, and you can practice with the help of the recording.

What more do I offer: I have programmes on my website, under Products.

  1. Mind, Body in Balance: healing reproductive health
  2. Lifestyle Prescriptions Healthy Eating, Healthy Life Programme
  3. EFT for Beginners Bundle
  4. Reproductive Health Recovery

I invite you to check out all those Product details on the website so that you can see the variety of options available and consider which can offer most benefit right now.

Check Q.6 answers too.

Q. 3  I am embarrassed. I don’t want to share my deepest anxieties in a Workshop. This is private. How can I get over these feelings which hold me back?

I will not be asking any attendee speak up if they do not want to.

You can purchase and watch the recording.
You can benefit 100% from listening only.
However it will be nice for me to see your face, but not required.

Q.4    Can this Workshop help me and my husband? I need to talk about it, he only listens.

Several points in here.

  1. You can both benefit assuming you both hope to have a family.
  2. Short conversations are perfect, otherwise you may feel alone and unsupported. This does not need to happen.
  3. The Workshop shares learnings and benefits for you and your partner. if they wants to watch.

Q.5.  IVF is my last chance.  How can this workshop help me?

You, your partner if they want, will benefit from the Workshop content which offers a holistic opportunity for benefits to be fully appreciated.

The last chances of IVF put huge pressure on you that’s why the Workshop will help you see the whole process more clearly.

The tools and techniques offer the benefits of feeling more at ease and help you to appreciate that calmness and empowerment are needed in all the steps required when undertaking IVF.

Join the Workshop so that you have an opportunity to understand some of what is going on if you have no medical reason why pregnancy has not yet happened .

Q.6   Do you offer further help and guidance?
What can you share that will add benefit after the Workshop?

Several points and Product information details in Q.2 answers.

I do work 1-1 with a small number of clients.
I will run more Workshops if there is demand.

Workshop cost: 

Saturday 22nd January, 2022. 4pm