Pregnancy and IVF

Infertility, IVF, Pregnancy Workshop

Infertility, IVF and pregnancy anxieties are a personal and private matter. But sometimes, it can be useful for a loved one or friend to bravely share information they see as useful.

My Workshop is worth consideration.

My Workshop: Infertility, IVF preparation, Pregnancy to term which I host tomorrow,  Saturday 22nd January, 4pm UK, is a subject close to my heart.

There can be much more involved in becoming pregnant, than just the obvious.

If you, or someone you know and love has no medical reason why conception has not happened, it is important to address what else is going on.

Mind and body need to be aligned.
Easing of negative beliefs and troublesome emotions is required so that blocks to the body’s natural flow are removed.

My Workshop offers education, tools and techniques to assist finding and nurturing this balance .

Gentleness is required, and time.

My training as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and years of helping clients with stress, anxiety and trauma based issues, allows me to offer this Workshop with the knowledge that women, and their partners can benefit.

If someone you love, friend, family member is struggling with this problem (no medical reason), what do you do?
What is your role? 

Is there someone you know who can benefit from reading this post, seeing this opportunity?

Please share.