High achievers and anxiety: Women 50+

Midlife Relationship Recovery Workshop

Calling women who need to feel excited about life ahead now that freedoms are back on offer.

Midlife Relationship Recovery Workshop explores life dynamics and shares opportunities to find your voice, so that you feel empowered to embrace your future without feeling duty bound to others.

You want to examine

1. Your relationship with your partner.

You feel frustrated and challenged because life with your partner has lost its way and you want more.

There are discussions to have, less pottering about to do, more fun to share together.

You need some resolution.


2. Your relationship with family members.

You have adult children who are too comfortable living at home and you want them to move out but this needs done with love, sensitivity, and strong intention.

Granny duties need to be addressed because you have a life to live, places to visit, people to see.
You need time to address perceived pressure or feelings of duty which are not serving you.

Benefits from Midlife Relationship Recovery:

a) A sense of empowerment as you speak your truth.

b) Resolution from concerns and frustrations which have made you feel stifled.

C) Satisfaction that you know what you want to do and the changes you need to make, and to feel excitement around plans for the future.

Join me as I share proven strategy, coaching and healing so that you will ease into a future feeling rejuvenated and empowered, able to sense opportunities and ready to move forward with purpose.

Zoom Workshop : Tuesday 17 May 09.45 – 11-15am
(with Q&A afterwards). 

Minimum 3 attendees

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