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Elderly Parents and Family Dynamics

Elderly Parents, family dynamics, and finding your voice.
Midlife Relationship Recovery Workshop

I recently read a very good example of how family dynamics can be manipulated by elderly parents.
Bel Mooney is a skilled journalist and responds to reader’s emotional and relationship problems in Saturday’s Daily Mail.

These family problems can easily be difficult to manage.

And that is a massive understatement.

The problem page post made for uncomfortable reading.
However, the writer who detailed her problem received valuable guidance, expertly and compassionately delivered, and in a straight talking manner leaving no room for ambiguity.

Perhaps you feel torn emotionally whilst trying to navigate solutions around elderly parents’ care.

You want to embrace life now that you have easing of restrictions.
Freedoms are back on offer.

This is the perfect time to find your voice and empower your sense of deserving.

This can be achieved with love and care, so that the life you crave can once more be open to moments of ease and pleasure.

I am running a Midlife Relationship Recovery Workshop on Tuesday 17th May. (Zoom).
09.45-11.30 (+Q&A). Check out details.

If you have a relationship problem going on with your partner or a family member, and feel the need for adjustment and resolution to frustrations, please check out the Workshop details.

Introductory Offer of £27.

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