Granny duties and Family relationships

Granny duties and family relationships

Families may be scattered all around the world, certainly all around the country.

My daughter now has a little baby boy and lives in Sydney.

When I had my children, I lived 400 miles from their grandparents.

If you are a woman in Midlife and your children are grown up, you may have plans to spread your wings, see the world, catch up with stuff you’ve missed doing.

However, your big children may have other ideas

The great mother guilt trip will assert itself again because you may be considered as useful, essential, or just expected to take a key role with your grandchildren’s Care while the parents work.

This is a massive topic. 

Care and respect from all involved come high on the list of essentials when this subject is broached.

It is a moral and emotional nightmare for some, so I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Have you been pressured to look after your grandchildren and have less free time to use for pleasure or travel?

2.  Have you found it challenging to feel at ease with your decision around Granny duties?

If you answered YES to the questions, want to feel at peace with your decision, but have moments of angst then my:


  • Feel confident to discuss this issue with your son or daughter on equal terms.
  • Plan how you play a part in your grandchildren’s life and live life to the full.
  •  Explore and feel at ease with your decisions.

The Introductory price is £27.
This increases to £35 one hour before start of Workshop.

Date: 17 May, 09.45-11.30. Plus Q&A.

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