Midlife Relationships

Midlife Relationship Recovery Workshop

Spring 2020 gave us beautiful weather.

I loved watching the small, lone plane which regularly flew over our home in southern Hampshire.

Otherwise, the sky seemed empty and was being given an opportunity to heal.

Going for walks, accepting that quiet and peacefulness were gifts to be gratefully received.

Many couples took the opportunity presented to them, spoke with their partner and appreciated the contentment that they have.

Two years have now passed.
Restrictions lifted.

You may feel differently.

Perhaps the time spent with your partner highlighted feelings of boredom, a need to live life more fully, a panic that you are missing out.

But you love your partner.

You have a keen bond and feel troubled because you don’t know how to realise any of your magical fantasies which keep bubbling up to the surface.

Dangerous thoughts.

You are not alone with feelings of frustrations.

You are in the huge majority.

You can plod along, never have the important conversations, somehow feel frightened to speak your truth.

And having these dangerously exciting thoughts, do not necessarily herald the end to a loving and successful relationship.

Rather they are an opportunity…………… for that reality check!

I offer 3 questions to ask yourself about living with your partner now that 2 years of restrictions are basically over.

1.    Do you want the relationship to continue?

2.    Do you believe that this relationship has much more to offer?

3.    Do you want to explore what needs to happen right now so that your relationship is re-ignited with love, appreciation and understanding?

If you answered yes to any of these questions but you repeatedly find yourself frustrated at your partner’s behaviour or attitude, with no idea how to resolve the issue and move forwards, then my WORKSHOP helps you to

  • Find resolution to the key problems which make you feel stifled and dissatisfied within this loving relationship
  • Find your voice to speak your truth confidently
  • Feel excited about your future and the plans and memories that you can make together

The Introductory price is £27.
This Increases to £35 one hour before Workshop begins.

Date: 17 May, 09.45-11.30. Plus Q&A.