EFT Weight loss

Weight loss-the hardest nut to crack

I was looking out an EFT Tapping routine for a client, relating to weight, weigh loss, managing weight loss, and found this 2016 video.

I love it.

Sometimes with offerings you see the date and think, I best do another.

Stuff and nonsense!

So I am reposting a friendly, informative EFT Tapping routine.
It focusses on the self-sabotaging, self-talk behaviours often portrayed by those of us who procrastinate.

If you have weight challenges, cannot get in the zone, well… you are in excellent company.

Check out my video: Weight Loss chat and EFT routine.
It may be the push to begin those tiny steps to food health recovery.

I’ll also add the link to my Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching, Healthy Eating Programme for you to check over.

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She is a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach and EFT practitioner
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