Workshop: Learn the Basics of EFT

I am running a Workshop: “Learn the Basics of EFT,” Tuesday 28th June, 12.30-14.15 in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.

Cost £35.

Opportunity: Learn to use EFT to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

An EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique /Tapping Workshop from my home in Rowlands Castle.

TUESDAY 28th June From 12.30pm till approx. 2.00/2.15pm.

Casual, informative, beneficial.

Life is chaotic and most of us know that feeling,

When you practice working on the Tapping Points, within 5 or 10 minutes you help yourself to feel calmer, emotionally brighter and confident to manage your day.

I have been an EFT practitioner for over 12 years.

I am an Ambassador of EFT and Matrix ReImprinting and have helped many clients with emotional and physical health problems.

Healing Stress always plays a major part in managing, reducing or clearing 95% of these health symptoms.

EFT is used by many professionals eg, Medical doctors, Counsellors, any professional person helping others to manage an emotional health concern.

Is it time for you to be more pro-active in manging your self-care?

Please contact me if this interests you: Email:

Spaces limited.

Cost £35.