Relationship Reset for Seniors


Ladies, you have experienced life, probably seen human behaviour at its best and worst, and you will have appreciated highs and lows over the years.

Has your loving relationship drifted into a state of mediocrity?

Does that question make you feel uneasy?

If you feel :

  • Less than satisfied with the attitude or behaviour of your long-term partner
  • Apathetic in instigating discussion around your relationship concerns
  • Ready to do the work so that your relationship can improve

then the first step has to come from you.
You must look within.
The Ripple Effect can then begin its magic.

RESET your need for contentment and to maintain an equal role within this partnership.

My Pilot Workshops give the opportunity to explore needs and the expectation to embrace life without feeling duty bound to others.

You want:

  •  strategies to apply immediately to relieve feelings of disempowerment and to soothe troublesome emotions
  • to feel confident to make decisions and improvements within your marriage/relationship
  • to feel secure, of value, and at ease with yourself

RELATIONSHIP RESET offers coaching, healing and proven strategy so that you

  • Have those discussions
  • Embrace life and strengthen your sense of deserving.
  • Feel rejuvenated to make new memories with your life partner

Take ownership of this opportunity to look ahead, to see possibilities and to work directly with how you feel.
(It is not an opportunity to share your story. You will not be asked to share your story).


  • Format: 2 Zoom Workshops
  • Max attendees: 5
  • Tuesday September 20th and September 27th 2022
  • Time: 1pm till 2.30pm

Cost: £67.   (Pilot Workshop price)

BONUS: My EFT Beginners Bundle of 4 Masterclasses

Call 07917 680967or email to reserve your place.