Relationship Reset for Seniors

Relationships Reset (for Seniors) #Marriage

A few days ago I caught a headline in ‘The Times ‘. It stated that the BBC serial #Marriage, was almost a thing of beauty.

The episodes were sensitive, direct when required, and on occasion sharp and emotionally very uncomfortable.

If you value your marriage or partnership, which has lasted more than 6 minutes, then be proud, at ease, even empowered.

However, if you sense that your relationship is tired, less than easy and has little chance of being changed after all this time, then please do think again.

Effort and work need done to relight the spark

You will intuitively know if being part of this relationship is something worthwhile to you.
You can improve on what is, to what can be.

This requires looking within
You need to explore, ease anxieties and apathy.

For some it may feel like moving on from abject boredom!

Coaching can help you to get right out of your own way.

But you will know if you want to instigate improvement which your partner will potentially and positively respond to, so that a future worth sharing is still deeply desired by both parties.

It’s a 2-person journey but you can initiate this possibility

There can be an end to any resentment felt if your husband or partner has:

  • Drifted into long term ‘old man’ behaviour
  • Shown a perceived lack of consideration in regards to you
  • Been boring the pants of you.

There is so much to gain.
Contentment, Joy, Companionship which are the stuff of a successful union where love guides the way.

Only your life and your life experiences made together will guide you to decide if it’s worth some effort on your part.

There is better and this TV programme highlighted the ‘mundaneness’ of marriage which may be considered as a cruel observance.
But that ease, comfort, support is what matters to those happy in their relationship.

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