Relationship Reset for Seniors

Health and Relationship wake-up call

Ladies 60+

I was at the gym a few days ago and now have a personal workout programme to follow.

I have not had a gym programme in years!

I do use the gym quite regularly, run through a mixture of activities, and although I am not a great attendee in the summer months, action was required.

A health wake-up call instigated this action, and I am now following the full advice that I give to my clients.

The perfect recipe for action: a need, the motivation, and the anxiety.

I acted.

My valid excuse for not taking time for myself recently was a good enough excuse.

BUT, you and I are not required to keep telling ourselves or others our story, our excuse, our reason for not actioning a requirement.

It was time to move beyond excuses and I knew I needed to deal with this.

SO, I was at the gym discussing with a trainer what he and I thought should be included within my Programme.

I had chatted with this Trainer over the last few weeks, so I wasn’t a complete stranger to him.

I had been making effort and been working harder than my previous normal sessions in the gym during the Spring.

But tweaks needed made. The same old, same old was not going to cut it.

After we discussed what I may consider useful, he asked my age.
Some moments while I indulge please…..

I told him my age and he took a double take, paused and said,

‘Well, you are doing very well already, better than many here your age.’

Not an unprofessional bit of banter, I had seen a genuine reaction from him. I was pleasantly surprised, and my point is:

Our own thoughts around something are seldom what others may think. They are our own manufactured thoughts.

And he made another point which hit home.

When I suggested that the aerobic work which I thought I needed might be better than mixed with an equal balance of strength activities, he replied,

‘It’s all very well having a stronger or more efficient heart but if your muscles can’t get you up the stairs, what use it that.’
I burst out laughing and saw the truth in that straight away.

And that’s what I want to highlight to you.

You will have your thoughts, your beliefs, stresses and anxieties about your loving relationship.

But are they serving you?

It is very difficult to move out of your own way, especially if you have no idea or acceptance that you are in fact in your own way.

2 questions:

Are you ready to work on aspects of your relationship which are causing you some distress?

Does the thought of an awakened relationship to enjoy the years ahead offer hope?

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Susan is a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach and the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma

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