Relationship Reset for Seniors Women 60+

Relationship Reset (for Seniors) time for action

Ladies 60+
Wake up calls are experienced when you become aware that life is not running smoothly.

Your senses are heightened and wham you realise that…. e.g. your marriage or long-term relationship resembles a stagnant pond, not something you’d want to dive into.

Some cleaning up is required.
Open the gates to your inner thoughts and beliefs, jump in, shake things around.

John Lennon’s song, ‘Beautiful Boy’, has the wonderful line,
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’.

(For me, Beautiful Boy signifies the moment when I was looking at my son, a day after his birth.
The song just eased its way into my head).

Years pass.

What plans and schemes might you have been making which took your eye of the ball and allowed your love relationship to drift?

Life happens.

Is there is a sadness that your relationship’s sparkle evaporated some time ago?
However! do you sense intuitively that your relationship can be reset?

If you value your life partner and believe that he or she values you, it’s time to make changes so that there is a future together which is genuinely desired by both of you.

But it takes two.

You can start the process, the ripple effect will assist.
Having that much put off conversation, the one to help iron out those tolerated niggles which caused inner rages, is a great place to start.

Healing is required

And, if you respond with

  • an inner struggle to my suggestion
  • defensive excuses and mindset trip ups

then it ‘s time to do some self-work so that you and your partner can have a fulfilled life together during the years ahead.

My RELATIONSHIP RESET (for Seniors) Workshops will help you to feel confident about your future.

You will appreciate the importance of mutual respect, being comfortable to enjoy your own activities, and feel excited around making some plans together.

RELATIONSHIP RESET (for Seniors) offers coaching, healing and proven strategy so that you

• Have those discussions

• Embrace life and strengthen your sense of deserving.

• Feel rejuvenated to make new memories with your life partner

Max attendees: 5
Tuesday September 20th and September 27th 2022
Time: 1pm till 2.30pm
Cost: £67. (Pilot Workshop price)
Sale ends 5pm Monday 19 September.

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