Shingles is a painful experience

The last 3 weeks have been tough.

Not sure how long it will go on for, but I have Shingles and it is very unpleasant.

In short, your body speaks to you and when you are physically ill, this is a process which you have to acknowledge, respect, and then go through a process of healing.

So perhaps you are asking how come I managed to let things go so far that my health deteriorated to this level of healing.

Should I have seen the signs?

I have had a busy year.
It has been joyful, busy and stressful.
Those words describe life and are interrelated.

Self -care is always critical when busy, yet often gets pushed into the corner.
Ignored until you have a spare moment.
Overwhelm, stress, being disrespectful of self, all play a part in the healing journey.

One thing I can guarantee is that you will know that you are tired and aware that you need to rest.

You may feel resentful and confused because you want to achieve, enjoy, be just like the person you think you are.

And then at some point the body kicks in and reminds you otherwise.

I knew I was  physically struggling with some health thing going on.
I eventually looked up my books and caught sight of the word Shingles and said out loud,

‘You can go and do one, I’m not having that thank you.’
The next day the rash appeared.

I sought medical guidance straight away and went on the appropriate medication.
I also took painkillers.

I decided to reduce the potential quantity of the strong painkillers, and I introduced bog standard over the counter pain relief into the mix.
The ordinary shop bought meds did not really touch the acute discomfort.

So, three weeks in and I am about to begin a more specific nerve pain relief medication; a longer term plan perhaps, we’ll see.

I tell you this because fundamentally I believe I have something of value to share.

Part of me is fighting my Healing Training and my understanding that the body really can do a very good job of healing itself.

There is much scope with that last statement for huge discussion with personal opinion and experienced knowledge to be shared here.

Feel free.

Frankly, Shingles pain is something which is horribly unpleasant, can last 3 to 5 weeks if you are (I believe fortunate), but it can drag on for a considerable time.

How long, remains to be seen.

My rash is fading and is barely there after 3 weeks, I am hopeful.

What self-care have I done to help myself?

I stopped working.
I take a short nap every day.

I have begun Self-treating with Reiki .(I am a Reiki practitioner)
I have a positive intention which I focus on 2x a day.

I must say that during the 1st 2 or 3 weeks due to the horrible discomfort, I only took the Meds and did not have energy to focus on my learned skills.

I am a Lifestyle Prescription Life Coach, an EFT Matrix ReImprinting Practitioner, and a Reiki Practitioner.

I have skills which serve my clients.

I possibly am doing myself a disservice here.
I know what to do, I probably did much more self-healing than I’ve stated.

The 3 weeks have been a blur.

My friends who know, me know I swear a bit.
I have not felt angry, had feelings of unfairness, felt guilty about stuff I cannot do.
So, very, very little swearing going on, that takes energy. I only have accepted.
Perhaps as a result, less swearing will become thing of the future.

I am permitting  myself to take the medication, vitamins, plenty water, and doing walking and gardening.

My husband has been a great support.
I don’t whimper, I go quiet.

Now, I was not expecting this to happen to me.

2022 has been very busy and I was full of expectation in having my daughter, her partner AND my new grandson  come over from Australia and stay with us for several weeks.

And in August, when they had returned to Australia,  I  then decided  to focus on me.
I did more sessions in the gym, got a new Programme, was enjoying  quieter things, then Wham. Shingles.

One way or another when you ease a big stress, finish a major task, have worked unconsciously hard only to have your energies just dry up so that you feel worn out, then you will experience your body physically taking its opportunity to mend.
You go into a healing phase.

I had had a busy Summer, a busy Spring.

I was busy.

Life was full, but I was aware that I was tired.

I intend sharing and reposting some of my Lifestyle Prescription Health Coaching Posts.
Stress is a monster topic, but stress is a key player in regard to Shingles.

Shingles pain is considerable.
Pain management is essential and how one manages that, is a matter of choice.

I have been aware that I am barely finding much relief.

Perhaps the new prescription will be on target.

I will try to manage slight feelings of inadequacy around my self-healing tactics, although I have done much to help myself.

Fuck knows how one is supposed to manage the acute nerve discomfort of Shingles without the Meds.

But with consideration and afterthought, that is not expected, nor the point of my Post.

Watch this space and perhaps I can offer more inside information.