Shingles. A health journey

My Shingles experience is now 7 weeks in.
I have written an earlier Post,
Shingles is a Painful Experience ,
detailing the first 3 weeks of the experience .

At 5 weeks in, I wakened in the morning and my mental state of mind, had shifted.

I felt brighter.  My antisocial and world just leave me alone attitude, had gone.
I felt considerably better.

A few days ago I stopped the painkillers. I felt able to test this. It is a test.
I had taken painkillers for 5 weeks, on my ever-reducing plan regarding quantity.

And on a couple of days I have popped a couple of strong prescriptive pain relief.

Here is a point to note.
I think for some of that time I was wrong.
I probably should have taken the pain relief on a regular basis for a bit longer before I decided to test how long I could go between taking the pills.

During the last 4 weeks I was introduced to another medical prescription to potentially aid the healing of the nerves from Shingles.
That is also intended to ease discomfort.

I have sought medical advice frequently in the last couple of months because much has been going on.

Balance in all things in life is required.
Ignore it at your peril

In my case, 2022 saw my stress levels fairly much on overdrive with no cruise facility being taken.

However, when I needed to have guidance and medication my Dr’s Surgery has been accessible, and I am very satisfied with my discussions etc.
I feel fortunate where that’s concerned.

There is a balance required in how one treats and manages a health ailment.

The main change I made, because I could, was I stopped working.
I was ill.

Regarding Shingles, I will share that:

  1. If you have body discomfort for some days, it seems to move around, you don’t know what’s going on, and then you find a rash, you have 3 days to get the medication, the antivirals.
  2. A first occurrence of the Shingles virus is an acute illness.
  3. An acute illness requires (if you choose) medical intervention.
  4. Recurring Shingles is a chronic illness; medical and self-healing opportunities will benefit.

Professionally in my role as a Lifestyle Prescription Health Coach and EFT and Reiki practitioner, I offer stress management remedies and self-healing education.

These assist in the reduction and discomfort of a chronic ailment, and aid recovery.

This has been a horrible experience but I am a very different person from about a month ago.
I am quietly back to work and seeing 1-1 clients.

I offer a free call for those enquiring about my Stress, Anxiety and Chronic Health Practice