High achievers and anxiety: Women 50+

Mid-Life Women, and Men

Are you a Mid-Life woman?
Are you a Mid-life man?

Perhaps you are seen as a high achiever.

Maybe a successful business owner, an ambitious executive, someone who frequently drives themself too hard, heedless to the damage you are doing to your health.

  • Does your success sit well with you?
  • Does your success come at a cost?

Do you recognise that stress and anxiety is dragging you down?

Do you seek guidance, tools/techniques to help ease the emotional and physical pain, so that you manage and quieten all that is going on around you?

Over the last six months I have revalued how I work with my clients because there is a common observation I hear from my ladies, mothers, career driven women, and it is this:

‘How can I manage my life and all that’s expected of me, when I feel I am on a roller coaster going nowhere?’

‘I feel I am losing out.’
I can’t find the joy!’

Joy is the ultimate and highest emotion. It is barely reachable and when reached, there is nowhere else to go.
It is too high a desire; best not to strive for that.

You delight in your success, cope well with responsibility, but disappointment sits in the background because the life you have built does not allow time for You.

Insidiously, your life is passing by.

Menopause often plays a part in those darker thoughts.
You are aware that stress and chronic health symptoms aggravate.

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