Survive and Thrive after trauma

Working in the Light: a healing experience

A few days ago when listening to Mitra Vijay’s ‘ Crown Chakra’, meditation, I became aware that I had momentarily shifted into a powerful memory from perhaps 12 years ago. 

I had attended a Workshop in Brighton.
EFT was a main component and working with Energetic Light.

I asked one of the hosts to be a guinea pig during a class sharing demonstration.
I had an emotional trigger which I really wanted to work through.
I describe my experience in Chapter 10 of my book: Survive and Thrive after Trauma.

My experience that day was pretty much life changing. 

It was also blissful.
A strong word.

The understanding and realisations I made as I worked through massive emotional blocks were amazing, insightful, and helped me to move on from the major trauma I had lived through a few years earlier.

Why I have allowed the learnings from this experience to frequently slip over the years, I don’t really know.

I am an emotional healing therapist, and we are all a work in progress. Me too, I guess.

That day I embraced and surrendered to the whole therapeutic experience.
I received my message from beyond; a gift to help me over the subsequent years.

I have not written openly about this before, and I trust you will find Chapter 10 an interesting read should you purchase the book.

If you have experienced a major emotional trauma, be it during childhood or more recently, this part of my story sheds light on the opportunity that you can move on.

There is nothing to be gained from holding on to your trauma.
The difficulty is recognising that you are doing so.

Secondary gains are often so deeply entrenched into your psyche that you have no idea that you are the one, holding yourself back.

Please contact me, M:07917680967, if you wish to address issues around emotional trauma.

Thank you Mitra Vijay.
Chapter 10: Working in the Light-A Healing Experience.