Female Reproductive Health

Every part of our body can be carrying the trauma of a previous emotional upset; each organ has a story to tell.

Your Reproductive System be it, womb, endometrium, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, individually may secrete a subconscious and specific emotional secret which will reveal itself physically to you at some point.

This can become a chronic health problem for you in the longer term.

The subconscious brain is 90% / 95%  responsible for running how you feel and how you behave.
1.        Repetitive triggers or disturbing flashbacks affect you.
2.        Those flashbacks get stored in your subconscious  brain and you respond automatically when a similar trigger presents.

Two examples of emotional response triggers:

  1. A dog barks loudly and you remember being frightened by a dog when younger.
    Your body tenses, you gasp.
  2. A partner cheated on you and dependent on how you respond, you may unconsciously or deliberately keep yourself safe from future hurt.

Your responses to those triggers get stored in your subconscious brain.
They unconsciously act to keep you safe, however the energy is negative and therefore damaging.

(*A new, fresh learning is not part of that process; you can adapt your response from a new trauma).

Emotionally you feel.
Emotionally you hide.
Emotionally you fear.

The body and mind are completely intertwined so if you are retriggered by a related trauma, in due course you will experience physical healing, illness, pain.
This process will repeat with future re-triggering of that secret message.
You have a chronic health condition .

To ease, manage or clear your symptom, you have to explore your debilitating cycle of ill health

When you work through troublesome emotions, see patterns to your bouts of illness or pain, these secret messages can be  uncovered and released; your debilitating reproductive ailment will ease.

It is a whole process.
Many individuals are stuck in the repetitive, chronic cycle.

Here is an example of the process:

  1. You have been upset – the trigger.
  2. The situation settles – you relax.
  3. Your physical ailment shows up.

Your physical ailment is an automatic response which will happen.
It’s just a matter of timing.

An interesting learning my clients experience is that when you are physically unwell, this is your body going through its healing process.

I help you to uncover the secret message which is causing your repeating physical symptom.
We explore your problem from an emotional stance:

  1.  How do you feel when…….?
  2. When did this physical health problem show itself……?
  3. What had been going on before……?

A phrase I have used for 12 years:  You Are Your Best Medicine.

I assist you in your return to optimum health, emotionally and physically.
My Health Coaching is guided by Lifestyle Prescriptions Medicine®, EFT  and Matrix ReImprinting.

And of course, modern medicine can help you.
From experience though, sometimes you have to take a specific medicine over long periods of time.
The medicine can then lose its potency and is unable to ease your condition.

Then what happens……?

You have to manage.
You have to take responsibility.
Baby steps to healing are the answer.
1% effort from you daily.

Are you ready?  

Please  call for a chat to find out how I can help you ease, manage, and potentially end your troublesome health problem.

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