Survive and Thrive after trauma

Light Bulb Moment- Emotional Healing.

I am a paradox .
I can be extremely intuitive, or dogged with indecision.

But, several years ago I was proactive on an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Advanced Tools Workshop: ’Working in the Light’.

I asked one of the leaders if I could be the guinea pig for one the class learnings.

I was ready to move on from limiting stressful memories but that required assistance.
I seemed unable to get out of my own way.

I needed clarity; I craved clarity.

He agreed to guide me through the process.

Read this magical experience where I intuitively transported myself to a place free from ANY self-sabotaging blocks.


Listen to the audio link.

Susan Cowe Miller. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach.

Read this magical experience I had which gave me the opportunity to leave the past behind.