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About the Live the Life You Want Club

You know what it’s like ladies, we reach a certain age and we realise we need a bit more self care and love for ourselves. I hear you! I work with women 50+ who know they want a better way of living, but they aren’t sure how. That’s where I come in!

I work with you to strengthen your emotional and physical health so that you can get on with living the life you want to live.

We’ll explore all parts of your wellbeing; stress management, self-belief, the role of emotions, and lifestyle choices. The things that contribute to our overall wellbeing, the things that stand in our way, the things that affect us without us even knowing.

We’ll work through this with love, kindness and with full acknowledgement we all have a different way we get through life. Together we’ll make sure you have the tools and strength not to just get through life but live the life you really want.

Who can benefit?   

You are at that time in your life when you expect to have more freedom to enjoy plans and dreams, and yet doubts jump in, you hold yourself back.

  • You might be a highly successful business lady, a winning entrepreneur, running a healthy business and yet you feel dissatisfied.
  • You might have dreams and yet you don’t give yourself time to let them grow.
  • You might suffer from chronic pain, but you’ve just put up with it
  • You feel like your health is being compromised.

But you feel curious. You feel there may be a way to breakthrough. You’d like support.
If you are interested in finding out more about working with me to discover the power of self healing, to discover that you can have those breakthroughs and change things in your life, that those dreams can start to flourish, then let’s talk!

Live the Life You Want Club

I’ve created this club with you in mind.
A club where you know you will find guidance, tools & techniques, sisterhood & the sense of knowing you are on the right path.
The club is about having a strong sense of deserving, wellbeing and time for you. You can manage your business, family and your fun side. Blocks disappear and opportunity calls.

As a member you’ll get

  1. Practical tools & techniques that you’ll be able to use at anytime
  2. Regular live interactive sessions, Q&A, Speakers (we’ll use Zoom and Facebook Live)
  3. Structure programme to support your needs

What you’ll learn

  • The power and magic of EFT Tapping to manage the negative traits which upset us
  • How to stop putting things off and procrastinating
  • How to create time to do the things you want to
  • How your body shows its symptoms and how you can make the baby steps to help yourself.

So I’m here ready to support you.

I want this to be the moment things change for you.
When you make the smallest, the most subtle of changes, then you improve your emotional balance which has a positive impact on your physical health and wellbeing. Joy can appear, the good things of life flow.  You have abundance in your life.

You can do it.

I’m here to show you how. I can’t wait! Susan x

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